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Georgetown Pottery
Georgetown Pottery has been handcrafting fine porcelain pottery since 1972. All pottery is handmade by local Maine potters and is hand decorated with Maine themed brushwork patterns or stunning glazes.

Ikebana Vase - Round

"The Japanese way to display flowers - simple, graceful, elegant. A gift that is always welcome. The perfect size for coffee, kitchen or end tables. The prongs of the pin-frog pierce the flower stem, which keeps the blooms fresh for up to three weeks."   Product Details...

Small Lotus Ikebana Vase

"As in nature, each of our Lotus ikebanas is unique and different."   Product Details...


"Why tell the tide like everyone else. The colored band represents the water, where it is narrow-the tide is low. Where it is wide-the tide is high. Comes with instruction card."   Product Details...