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KritterKlips KritterKlips

KritterKlips will bring out your inner animal with a snap.  Kritter Klips promote meaningful self expression, playfulness and simply spreading smiles in your everyday life.

KritterKlips are clip-on animal ears handmade locally in San Francisco with the finest faux furs. No kritters are ever harmed.

Many colors and styles available! 

Solemate Socks Solemate Socks
"Life's too short for matching socks"  Check out our selection of socks, scarves and hats!!

The After Flush!

The first single-use disolvable air freshener tablets.  Using rich, sophfisticated, and perfume-like fragrances.  The newest accessory in your bag, briefcase and bathroom!

Made and manufactured in the USA. 


Vilmain Vilmain

Pewter Gifts abound!  Pocket Charms, Paperweights, Treasure Boxes, and much more...all beautifully designed, and made in America!  Shown here are some samples of what we carry.  Stop by and check it out!

New England Bells New England Bells

Traditional Strap Sleigh Bells & Animal Shaped Bells

The Traditional Strap Sleigh Bells are made using handcrafted leather straps in your choice of colors, accented with solid brass or silver-plated bells.

All Fired Up! All Fired Up!
All Fired Up! is a small ceramics company in Milton, Ontario that specializes in designing and manufacturing decorative ceramic lightswitch plates, Mirrors and Side Tables produced under the trademark Now That's a Switch!™   Here is a small sample of the designs that we carry.
Money Pots Money Pots
Terramundi Money Pots are hand thrown in Italy and hand painted in London. We stock many designs and colors!! 
Dammit Doll Dammit Doll
"Whenever things don't go so well and you want to hit the wall and yell, here's a little Dammit Doll that you can't do without.  Just grasp it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out yell Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!"
Cate & Levi Collection Cate & Levi Collection
The Cate & Levi Collection is handmade in the Cate & Levi studio in Toronto, Canada from reclaimed wool.
Little Guys Little Guys
Cindy Pacileo begn sculpting animals in clay in 1973.  The collection inlcudes dozens of cats, dogs, wildlife, sealife, farm animals, field and pond as well as birds.  Stop in to check them all out!
PocketMonkey PocketMonkey
"PocketMonkey is a 12-function utility tool that is the size of a credit card 'It’s like a flat swiss-army knife', says creator Nate Barr. Users get the convenience of having a tool in their wallet or purse at all times without the disadvantages that come with other bulky utility tools."

"It has the classic bottle opener, to eliminate the bulky one on your keychain.  It also has three screwdrivers, a set of hex wrenches and other useful tools, including a first-of-kind “phone kickstand”. The user slides a credit card through a slot in the tool to form the kickstand. This lets users rest their iPhone or Android phone at a comfortable viewing angle when sitting at coffee shops."
Jax and Bones Jax and Bones

"Designed by Jax and Bones, these toys were voted Best Pet Toy by Pet Product News as one of the best toys for puppies and dogs!  Further, a portion of each sale is donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to saving animal lives.  The product is 100% eco-friendly and made from chemical-free natural dyed cotton.  It is machine washable, durable and safe."

Little Guys Little Guys

Hand sculpted miniature animals made by Cindy Pacileo! Cindy hand pinches every critter herself.

Cats  -  Dogs  -  Zoo  - Meadow  -  Farm  - Birds  -  Sea  -   And More!

Check out some of the critters...