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b. u.

b. u. stands for "Be You", a beautiful reminder to "Be Yourself".

"Each sentimental and inspirational piece has a personal symbolic meaning that is detailed on a message card in the designer gift box that comes with it.  They are designed in Rome, Italy and the charms are hand caste in sterling silver and precious stones.  These petite, handmade pieces are lovely gifts."

So many designs to choose from!  Shown here is a very small selection, more available in store.

Body, Mind, Spirit

Body, Mind, Spirit petite sterling silver necklace with Triquetra charm accompanied by small Pearl, Iolite and Smoky Quartz gemstones representing purity, simplicity, a gentle reminder to stay in the moment.  Product Details...

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel petite sterling silver necklace with a pearl charm promoting purity, simplicity and spiritual transformation, a rock crystal charm - the master healer, destroys all negative energy and a sterling Angel charm.  Product Details...

I Love You

An I Love You necklace with three sterling silver disc charms with the letter I, a heart and an the letter U engraved and a garnet charm promoting vitality, courage, passion & love.  Product Details...

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful gemstone necklaces with blue topaz for joy, love, luck and good health and Citrine for happiness and positive energy. Between the gemstones is a round sterling casting with the word LIFE on it.  Product Details...

You Are My Sunshine

A 22k Vermeil Sun charm a round sterling silver charm engraved with a sun and a Lemon Quartz gemstone. Lemon quartz is the stone of optimism and enhances one's sense of well being.  Product Details...