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Rolf Glass Rolf Glass

"Rolf Glass is an American glass cutting and engraving manufacturer, a leader in quality tabletop giftware and personalized gifts. Rolf Glass is well known for unique, original, distinctive images, and timeless icons on quality crystal and glassware."

"Rolf Glass's unique cut glass studio produces affordable and attractive designs for everyday use and provides friendly customer service and personal attention."

Wine glasses, votives and shot glasses. Available in several designs. Shown are two designs of the many we carry.

Nora Fleming Nora Fleming

One Platter, Every Occasion! Entertaining made easy.

Buy one serving piece and use it over and over with one of the dozens of minis available...perfect for any occasion!

Shown here is one of the many serving peices available and one of the minis.

Available serving pieces or decor items include:  vases; round, rectangle, square or oval servers; cake platters; garnish dishes; pasta bowls; candy/napkin dishes; ramekins and egg/appetizer trays. 

Dozens of minis to choose from!!  Beach ball; cross; bunny; eggs; apple; witch hat; ice skates; bird; anchor; butterfly; flowers; carrot; champagne;  dreidel; flip flops; christmas tree; footballs; heart; grill; cupcake; leprechaun hat; wrapped presents; reindeer; ducky; starfish; shamrock; sailboat; star of david; snowflake; skis; and so many more!!

Mariposa Mariposa
"Celebrate life's special moments with a gift of Mariposa. Whether you're in search of the perfect wedding, hostess, birthday, corporate or holiday gift!  Or treat yourself to the best handcrafted glassware and recycled aluminum serveware, frames and home decor, all designed by Mariposa's talented artists.  Whimsical, modern or classic, Mariposa will become your family heirlooms and favorite gifts."
Melamine Tableware & Rainbow Tumblers Melamine Tableware & Rainbow Tumblers

A very durable molded material from a different family of plastics with good heat resistance. Its hard surfaces can withstand most scratching from metal utensils. Melamine is dishwasher safe.