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Funky Rock Designs
"Funky Rock Designs are made from all natural ocean and river stones found along the shores of New England. Each product is unique, and like snowflakes, no two are alike." Funky Rock creations are both fun and 'funk’tional'.

Rock Lamps

"Each lamp is sculpted into a one of a kind design by carefully selecting different shapes and colors that complement each other. They are then layered to form a funk’tional piece of artwork that looks lovely in any home. They range from multi-rock layere  Product Details...

For the Bath

"What better way to complement a Funky Rock Design soap dispenser than by adding a toothbrush holder."  Product Details...


"The natural earth tones of Funky Rock vases can show off a handful of fresh picked wildflowers, or complement a bouquet of roses. Vases come in a natural texture or hand rubbed with oil to enhance patterns."  Product Details...