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Byers' Choice Ltd.

"Beginning in the 1960’s, Joyce Byers spent the lead-up to every Christmas hand crafting Carolers as decorations and Christmas presents. What started as a few small gifts for family made out of some clay, paint, scraps of old clothes, and her sons’ hair quickly grew into a project that took over the Byers’ house every December as more and more people learned about the Carolers and wanted their own."

"From there, the company has grown to a team of over 80 artisans working to handcraft the Carolers, which are sold in gift stores across the United States and around the world, while remaining true to the spirit of Christmas."


Every Caroler is created in Pennsylvania by the loving hands of skilled artisans. Although Joyce Byers still designs each Caroler, there are seven steps to bring them to life!  Product Details...


So many to choose from!! Singing Cats and Dogs; Fences; Display Risers; Lampposts...and much more!  Product Details...

Advent Calendars

Families have celebrated the tradition of the advent calendar for generations. Our wooden advent calendar boxes can be used, and enjoyed, year after year!  Product Details...

Gingerbread Houses

Decorated Resin "Gingerbread" House -- Elaborate Victorian gingerbread houses, heavy with candies and sugar icicles, make their most impressive appearance at Christmastime.   Product Details...


These cute little figures complement any holiday decor!  Product Details...


When the snow comes cold and deep, every family tries to create the best snowman on the block. This Snowman enjoys some toasty marshmallows--he better be careful not to get too close to the fire!   Product Details...

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