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Apex Trading
Candles from Safed Candles, Ner-Zion Candles and Essence of Jerusalem. Made in Israel.  Various color choices available.

6-Wick Havdalah Candles

"Havdalah candles with 6 wicks come in three colors: multicolor, blue & white, and natural." "There are three styles: braided, round (R), and round/long (RL). Sold individually."  Product Details...

Safed Chanukah Candles

"Chanukah candle boxes contain 45 6-inch (15-cm) candles; enough candles to last all 8 nights of Chanukah. These traditional candles are carefullly dipped and hand decorated by skilled artisans in the ancient city of Safed. Sized to fit most Menorahs."  Product Details...

Shabbat Candles

"Beautiful decorative Shabbat candles from Safed Candles in Safed."  Product Details...