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"PocketMonkey is a 12-function utility tool that is the size of a credit card 'It’s like a flat swiss-army knife', says creator Nate Barr. Users get the convenience of having a tool in their wallet or purse at all times without the disadvantages that come with other bulky utility tools."

"It has the classic bottle opener, to eliminate the bulky one on your keychain.  It also has three screwdrivers, a set of hex wrenches and other useful tools, including a first-of-kind “phone kickstand”. The user slides a credit card through a slot in the tool to form the kickstand. This lets users rest their iPhone or Android phone at a comfortable viewing angle when sitting at coffee shops."


"Finally! A pocket tool that is actually convenient. It does 12 awesome functions. And it is even TSA-compliant."  Product Details...