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Greeting and Note Cards
Jumping Cracker Beans Greeting Cards Jumping Cracker Beans Greeting Cards

Jumping Cracker Beans are made in San Jose, California.  The artists manufacture creative, playful, greeting cards. Their three-dimensional greeting cards feature an array of unexpected eye-catchers from daily life, like real zippers, beach sand, buttons, Fender guitar picks, chicken bouillon, poker chips, underwear elastic, and more! And there is a great sense of humor too!


Positively Green Greeting Cards Positively Green Greeting Cards

" An exciting line of environmentally-friendly products that connect you to the ones you love.  Heart-warming cards celebrate the occasions in your life-birthdays, friendship, love, congratulations, sympathy and encouragement."

"These thoughtfully crafted products feature beautiful illustrations, vibrant colors, inspiring quotations and an easy-to-do environmental tip on the back."

"All Positively Green products are "green manufactured" to leave the lightest possible environmental footprint. Plus, 10% of the profits are donated to organizations that protect our environment and fight global warming."

Frank & Funny Greeting Cards Frank & Funny Greeting Cards

"This groundbreaking new line of humorous cards was co-created by professional stand-up comic David Crowe, and features distinctive, original humor with road-tested material from professional stand-up comedians. With cards ranging from witty to downright irreverent, Frand & Funny is designed to help you share a laugh on any occasion."

Annie Catherine Annie Catherine
Exquisite Designer of Journals, Note Cards & Boxed Sets and Calendars.

We carry a complete line of cards!  Serious, Edgy, Local Photography, Light Humor and downright Hysterical !!

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