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Sarah McCarthy Pottery Sarah McCarthy Pottery
Sarah is drawn to functional ceramics becauseof its usefulness and its ability to enhance the beauty of a given moment, whether it is in food presentation or the ritual of drinking tea.

Sarah works at her home studio in the blue ridge mountains of Floyd, VA. She is a self taught potter who gained her foundation in ceramics from Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.
Here are some of the pieces of Sarah's work we carry.  Stop in the see the entire line.
Mussels and More Mussels and More
These unique pieces of handmade pottery are functional as well as decorative art sculpture. The interesting detail work of these shells enable it to be enjoyed and viewed from either side.
Jobi Pottery Jobi Pottery
Jobi™ Pottery is a Truro cottage industry that began in 1953 by original owners Joe Colliano and Bill Hastings (“Jo-bi”).  Today, owner/designer Susan Kurtzman still uses the original mid-century casting molds to create Jobi Pottery in her Truro studio.

Every piece of pottery and pottery dinnerware is handmade and hand painted using the same methods the Jobis created.  The retro look of Jobi™ pottery shapes and designs can be traced back to Cape Cod-inspired work by Joe and Bill.

The pottery continues to be hand made in the Truro, Cape Cod studio.

Jobi Pottery dinnerware, mugs, clocks and other unique shapes come in many patterns and colors. Here’s just a sample of what you can find in our store…


Vichinsky Judaic Vichinsky Judaic
Renee and Howard Vichinsky produce a unique line of Judaic ceremonial objects; each one handcrafted to enhance the beauty of Jewish Ritual and tradition.
Georgetown Pottery Georgetown Pottery
Georgetown Pottery has been handcrafting fine porcelain pottery since 1972. All pottery is handmade by local Maine potters and is hand decorated with Maine themed brushwork patterns or stunning glazes.
Spooner Creek Spooner Creek

Real Art Etched in Clay! -  Spooner Creek is the work of Wisconsin artist Michael Macone. His designs are etched into the clay rather than just applied to the surface. 

All colors are hand glazed and each piece is kiln fired twice to nearly 2000 degrees. The result is a fade proof, weather proof work of art that will last a lifetime indoors or out.

Polish Pottery Polish Pottery
"Our hope is that you can see how incredible Polish Pottery is and feel inspired. With each purchase, you will become a collector who will find each piece so special you will keep coming back for more to give as gifts to both yourself and to others." We have an expansive collection of patterns and colors.  From serving pieces, bakeware, bowls & containers, tea & coffee service to accessories!
Mountaine Meadows Pottery Mountaine Meadows Pottery
Humorous and decorative Wall Plaques, Desk Plaques and Little Dishes with funny sayings from Mountaine Meadows Pottery.  
Z Pots Poetry and Pottery Z Pots Poetry and Pottery

Zpots [z-põts]
"conceived in a dream...born in a tiny...little office...on january 2 in the year 2001...nourished with determination and hard work...belief... the moment...committed and intended in beauty through pressence and use...."

Pottery combined with beautifully written poetry...many poems and pottery pieces available.  Special orders for that one of a kind gift!


"We unite in Love...a choice...

to Walk hand in hand...

Together...Creat a path...

A Dream...A Be...

two and be...

in Love"

Creative Clay Works Creative Clay Works
Unique functional Pottery pieces.
Lorraine Oerth Hand Made Ceramic Mini Giving Bowls Lorraine Oerth Hand Made Ceramic Mini Giving Bowls

These beautiful "Giving Bowls" are small (about 2" in diameter), glazed bowls with inspirational words in them, perfect to house a wish or a lucky trinket.  As these bowls are hand made, each one is different. Made in Alexandria, VA.

Many colors and dozens of sayings to choose from.  We also carry our exclusive "Ogunquit" giving bowl.

Earring Holders Earring Holders

Handmande, wheel thrown Stoneware Earring Holders available in an ever expanding array of colors.  Both functional and a beautiful work of art!



Beth Mueller Studio Beth Mueller Studio
Beautifully Handcrafted Milk Bottles, Vases, Plates & More.  Many of Beth's pieces are Ogunquit specific, exlusive to On The Main.  Here are some photos of some of what we carry.  Stop in to see the entire collection...dozens to choose from!