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Men's Jewelry By AAGAARD Men's Jewelry By AAGAARD

Men's Jewelry is classic jewelry with an edge. Clean, bold design in stainless steel, ceramic, rubber and leather.

Build your own bracelet or necklace from more than 150 components. Wear it equally well with casual dress or business suit.

Christophe Poly Crono Designs Christophe Poly Crono Designs
Entirely hand made in Christophe Poly’s shop located in Montréal. The essence of the work is essentially based on an architectural concept. The production process is elaborate and requires skill, precision and expertise. The process involves cutting and forming a multitude of small parts out of wires, plates and tubing. These parts are then assembled in a complex three dimensional construction. The jewelry has the particularity to be light to wear. The colors of the stones follow the current trends. The quality is exceptional, the selection is large, and the price is surprisingly affordable; all these factors contribute to the popularity of the work.
 Watchcraft Watches & Bracelets Watchcraft Watches & Bracelets

"The Handcrafted Watchcraft collection with its antiqued brass, copper, and silver bands, and the hand painted dials, creates the feeling of a wristwatch long lost, now found...Air, temperature, and the skin of the wearer all change the inherent molecular structure of the metals, resulting in a wristwatch that is most uniquely their own."

Each limited edition piece is signed and numbered.

Deveer Designs Deveer Designs

Beautiful Fused Glass Earrings!  Barbara Deveer, the artist, layers thin pieces of glass and bonds them together with heat to create an eye-catching, uplifting look.  The jewelry color combinations are bright and sophisticated.  Barbara Deveer does wonderful gallery quality glass work at affordable prices.

Heston Designs Heston Designs
"California artist David Heston’s personality is reflected in his bold contemporary designs.  His work designed for both men and women..."
Humanity Bracelet Humanity Bracelet
Miller Designs Miller Designs
"Miller Designs creates beautiful, simple and affordable treasures on a pristine island off the coast of Portland, Maine.  These creations are fashioned in Copper, Brass and Nickel making them truly affordable gift items."
BBBecker BBBecker
"BB Becker’s hand-crafted jewelry is known for its superior depth engraving which produces remarkable legibility and a long-lasting imprint. BB’s engraving process was two years in development and remains a trade secret today. The carefully selected quotations are engraved in his wife’s distinctive handwriting rather than in block letters or a regimented font."
John Medeiros John Medeiros

We are proud to feature the John Medeiros Jewely Collection in our Gift Shop.  John Medeiros Jewelry is artistically designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans in East Providence, Rhode Island.

In a process of more than 20 steps, John Medeiros Jewelry is crafted with premium alloy base, signature clasps and embellished in rhodium plate and 14 kt gold plate.  Each piece is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

To see the complete collection, please go to:

Sean Brown Sean Brown

Sean Brown's artwork is sure to bring a smile to your face!! A whimsical attitude characterizes his artwork. Sean is often inspired by African, Aztec and Egyptian as well as contemporary pop culture. Vibrant color is added to interesting shapes.  "Combinations of soft, ethereal feathers complement the hard, slick ceramic glaze. Gemstone beads and found objects add yet another layer of visual interest."  You've got to see these pins!! Here are some of them; please stop in to see them all!


Soldier to Soldier Soldier to Soldier

"The Struggle for survival didn't end in Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam. For many of us, it continues right here at home. In the field, we rely on each other and build unbreakable friendships.

This bracelet symbolizes the commitment we must all continue to have to each other."

Marine Sergeant
Joshua Bouchard,

wounded in Afghanistan

Reflections in SIlver
Lotus Jewelry Studio Lotus Jewelry Studio
Lotus Jewelry Studio features a complete line of alluring handcrafted designer jewelry and personalized keepsake treasures.  Proudly made in the US using only the finest gems and materials. 
Alex and Ani (+) Energy Bangles Alex and Ani (+) Energy Bangles
"Utilizing an innovative patented and completely original technology this concept replaces traditional clasps with a sliding mechanism, making each piece adjustable.  This completely original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry customized for a perfect fit." 
Liztech Jewelry Liztech Jewelry
The Liztech line has different pin and bracelet designs and shapes that are all handmade in the United PA.  the pieces are inspired by the American Southwest, Egyptian and Indian mythology.
Renaissance Glass Earrings Renaissance Glass Earrings
Unlike other dichroic glass, Renaissance glass has incredible color, depth, brilliance and evokes a captivating and colorful, artistic expression.  Featuring dozens of colors and shapes
CHART Metalworks CHART Metalworks
Unique Nautical Chart & Map Jewelry handcrafted on Portland Maine's working waterfront. Featuring Ogunquit Beach and Marginal Way.
SAILORMADE's Brummel Collection of bracelets, combine high performance sailing rope with the clever design of the brummel hook as the fastener. This popular hardware has been used for over a century aboard large and small sailing vessels for quickly and securely attaching lines, sheets, and flag halyards. A great design for on the water or on your wrist!
Makeshift Accessories Makeshift Accessories

Every piece of Makeshift jewelry is handmade with 100% salvaged and up-cycled materials.  All have served a purpose to society prior to being turned into art. 

Mark Steel Jewelry Mark Steel Jewelry
Earrings and Rings - Sterling Silver, Gold Filled and Mixed Metals. Dozens and Dozens to choose from.  Handmade in Utah.
EcoSeaGlass EcoSeaGlass
"EcoSeaGlass jewelry is created by renowned glass and jewelry designer Zoe Pasternack and handmade by her team of artisans in the USA.

EcoSeaGlass is artisan created seaglass - tumbled in sand, salt and
water, this eco-friendly process naturally mimics the creation of seaglass found on the shore.  Each piece of EcoSeaGlass is unique, with a luminously natural appearance.  These one-of-a-kind creations are set with mixed metals including silverfilled earwires, silverplated pewter and sterling silver.

As unique as you, this handcrafted seaglass jewelry is artfully evocative of the sun and the sea, of warm beaches, of sand between your toes ...."
Silver Forest Silver Forest
"Founded over thirty years ago, Silver Forest started selling its distinctive jewelry at craft shows throughout the Northeast. They are widely credited with developing the first casual earring line. Silver Forest jewelry is hand crafted in Bellows Falls, Vermont."
Stephanie Wolf Designs Stephanie Wolf Designs
Stefanie Wolf designs is a small jewelry studio on the island of Martha's Vineyard creating vibrant, elegant jewelry. We carry many different colors.
Goose Pond Jewelry Goose Pond Jewelry
Jewelry Handmade in Maine. People of every age love these wonderfully detailed earrings.  They are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Dozens of styles available.
Araxa Earrings Araxa Earrings
Hand Fashioned in California. Dozens of beautiful colors and designs to choose from.
ADK Designs ADK Designs

Ann D. Kearney found her artistic home when she was first introduced to metalsmithing during college and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gold and Silversmithing.

Ann now  lives and works in the small town of Cambridge, New York—her work home being the original Cambridge Post Office where she operates her Gallery and has her studio workspace.

All of the jewelry is handmade in her studio using the finest workmanship and the highest quality materials. Ann's hope is that women delight in wearing the pieces she makes as much as she delights in making them.