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Hot Glass Alley Hot Glass Alley

"Hot Glass Alley is a hot glass, art business, owned by artist, Jacob “Jake” M. Pfeifer. Jake Pfeifer is a young, aspiring, American artist; among the next generation of craftsmen working with their hands; carrying forward glass making traditions that are thousands of years old.

Jake takes pride in his handmade art. Jake creates art glass using traditional Italian, Swedish and Contemporary techniques that reflect a personal glass art style of his own expression and design. Each piece receives his dedication to uncompromising quality. Hot Glass Alley is proud of their reputation for excellence and consistency.

Pieces are fully polished, signed, and dated by the artist. Hot Glass Alley is located in the United States, and all products are handmade by Jake and his assistants."

Siyeh Studio Art Siyeh Studio Art

An Intimate Art Studio! The combination of Wire and Glass create one-of-a-kind Art...a MUST see! 

Each piece is handcrafted...the colors and design vary.  Here is a small sample of the work that we carry.

Kitras Art Glass Kitras Art Glass
These unique decorations date back to 18th Century England.  Legend has it that these glass balls were hung in windows as protection against evil spirits!
Peggy Karr Glass Peggy Karr Glass

These handmade, brightly colored serving pieces can be either rich with nature, or whimsical in abstract designs.

We showcase a wide variety of plates, dishes, bowls, tables, coasters, clocks and more!  Stop in and see our selection.  Our in-store catalog will provide you with even more product for special order.

Latta's Fused Glass Latta's Fused Glass
Latta's fused glass is hand crafted, no two items are ever completely identical.
Labonte Cat Designs Labonte Cat Designs
Catherine Labonte's creations evoke laughter and wonder in order to lighten the heart!
Green Mountain Glass Green Mountain Glass

"...Glass works that are fun, funky and affordable using designs that appeal to the whimsical side in all of us. The glass used in the GMG line of works is a cut above what you may be used to seeing in the old-fashioned suncatcher."  Here are only some of the pieces that we carry...stop in and see them all!

Luke Adams Glass Luke Adams Glass
Featuring stunning Sun Catchers and Paperweights
Casco Bay Glass Casco Bay Glass

Atlantic Art Glass Atlantic Art Glass
Husband and Wife team Linda and Ken Perrin, from Ellsworth Maine, create beautiful works of glass art!  The couple share a love for the beauty of nature and they combine talents to create regionally inspired glass of heirloom quality.
Radiant Glass Radiant Glass

Fused glass artist Nonnie Lyketsos creates her pieces in Baltimore, MD. The art of fused glass involves combining glass of different colors and shapes using a kiln. Lyketsos has mastered this delicate craft resulting in vibrant pieces. When hung in a window, the light shining through can make each piece come alive!

More than a dozen designs! Here are a few to wet your appetite.